Latvijas Privātā un Riska kapitāla asociācija


06.07.2022 BaltCap sells Vendon to international technology group Azkoyen BaltCap sells Vendon to international technology group Azkoyen BaltCap, the largest private equity and venture capital investor in the Baltics, sells Latvian company Vendon SIA to Azkoyen, Spain’s the most remarkable technology multinational company. Vendon SIA is part of Draugiem Group and is a leading company in connectivity and IoT solutions in digital payment and telemetry in Central Europe. 02.07.2022  2021 Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity Statistics 2021 Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity Statistics Take a closer look at Baltic states from Venture Capital and Private Equity investments point of view: - Baltic region received 21,4% of the total investment value in CEE in 2021. - Estonia was the absolute leader in Private equity investments as a percentage of GDP with 1,574% from GDP, overrunning even Norway and the UK. - Lithuania and Latvia were between leaders from the point of the divestments in 2018-2021. You can find much more information in The Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity report, presented by Invest Europe. 30.06.2022 The Performance of European Private Equity Benchmark Report 2021 The Performance of European Private Equity Benchmark Report 2021 Invest Europe’s research delves deep into private equity performance. Our 2021 sample, provided by Cambridge Associates, includes 718 European Buy-Out, Growth, and Venture Capital funds, an increase of 47 from the 2020 sample. The report also compares European funds with international peers. On many measures, European private equity performs at least on a par with North American funds, and well ahead of funds from the rest of the world.

To facilitate the development of the Venture Capital industry in Latvia, the six largest companies operating in the Venture Capital industry in Latvia in 2003 -"BaltCap Management Latvia", "EKO Investors", "Hanseatic Capital Latvia", "NCH Advisors INC.", "Norwegian-Latvian Entrepreneurship Development Fund" and "Small Enterprise Assistance Funds" as well as "Investment and Development Agency of Latvia” established a non-profit organization "Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association" (LVCA).

By investing money in a company, the venture capital fund becomes its co-owner, thus taking a share of the business risk, but also expecting a return appropriate to the high risk undertaken. The fund, like the other co-owners, is directly interested in increasing the value of the company. Business owners and managers who choose this type of funding, in addition to financial investment, also benefit from the venture capital fund's experience, knowledge and contacts, thus contributing to the company's success.

LVCA has the following tasks:

  • Inform entrepreneurs and the public about the possibilities of receiving venture capital financing; 

  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and experience of the members of the association; 

  • Represent the interests of the industry to state institutions and legislators; 

  • Organize and ensure cooperation with international and foreign Venture Capital associations. 

The members of the association are fund management companies that manage investment funds of different size and profile and legal and financial consultants working for the industry. Currently, the association unites 40 organizations - the majority of participants in the venture capital industry in Latvia.

Starting from 2003, the Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association is an associate member of the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (now Invest Europe).

LVCA Chairwoman of the Board and "Livonia Partners” Founding Partner
LVCA Executive director
LVCA Board member, FlyCap Partner
Āboliņš Ābols
LVCA Board member, BaltCap Partner
LVCA Board member and Glücksburg Investment Partner
LVCA Board Member and "Commercialisation Reactor Fund" Limited Partner
LVCA Board Member and SG Capital partner
LVCA Board Member and ZGI Capital Investment director
LVCA Legal adviser and Sorainen partner
LVCA Legal adviser and COBALT Latvia Partner